Soulja Boy Avoids Jail Time For Assault Weapon Charges

Under his probation, the rapper won’t have the capacity to have lethal weapons, or even toy firearms.

Soulja Boy has argued “no challenge” to crime firearms charges coming from a December police strike which prompted his capture. The rapper, who was confronting up to 4 years of prison time, will serve 5 years of probation and 240 days of group work, as per TMZ. Under the states of the probation, Soulja won’t have the capacity to have any dangerous weapons or imitations, including toy firearms.

The rapper will have the capacity to travel universally for reasons identified with his vocation. Be that as it may, he should clear any excursions with his post trial agent.

In January, it was accounted for that the weapons found in Soulja’s home incorporated a Mini Draco AR-15 and another firearm that was said to be stolen from a cop auto. Police attacked the rapper’s home in the wake of accepting a Crime Stoppers tip identified with dangers Soulja was making on the web. The weapons in his home abused his probation at the time (also, ownership of a strike weapon like the Draco is totally illicit in California).

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